Website Accessibility

Mul Nof Ltd is committed to providing website which are accessible to people with disabilities, thereby enabling everyone to access information on our websites easily.

The website were created and/or updated according to the provisions of the Equal Rights for People with Disabilities Law, 5748-1998, and the delegated legislation stemming from it, and comply with the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, AA level.


Accessibility Menu

Every page within a website includes an accessibility menu which offers the following options

  • Changing displayed font size
  • Changing color contrast

List of accessibility features available on a website

  • Links – use the TAB key to move between links, Opening new tabs/windows Links include this information to notify the user
  • Screen readers – Works according to ARIA rules
  • Images – include Alternative text describing what is in the picture
  • Compatible with NVDA screen reader software


Mul Nof Ltd does its utmost to make the content of all webiste fully accessible. 

If you encounter any issues of non-compliance with Accessibility regulations on any Mul Nof Ltd website, please contact our accessibility coordinator

Telephone: 08-9346706
Accessibility statement date: 10/2022